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Literary and Artistic Programs

Abraham Malpan Society

Abraham Malpan society is the cultural wing of the Mar Thoma Theological Seminary. It is the only association in the Seminary which is known by the name of the great Malankara Church reformer Palakunnathu Abraham Malpan. This society is guided by a committee including  a  faculty  representative,  representatives  from  each  B.D  class  and  a  secretary  from  B.D  3rd  year.  This  association  helps  the students  to  explore  their  skills  and  talents.  It  helps  them  in  the  process  of  the  theological  formation.  It  also  helps  the  students  to  look into the social contemporary challenges of the society and to respond to these challenges positively.


1. Current Issue Column: The Current issue column of the society helps the student to voice their views about social concerns through art and literature which leads to further discussions and debates.
2. Onam Cultural Programme: The  Onam  cultural  celebration  helps  the  seminary  community  to  participate  in  the  cultural  festivity  of the land. The cultural programme is organised by the 1st year B.D students.
3.  Musical  Night:  Music  plays  a  vital  role  in  the  formation  of  a  person.  Recognising  the  formative  role  of  hymns  and  music,  the Abraham Malpan society in association with the Seminary Choir holds a musical night to nourish the musical skills in the students. This programme is organised based on different themes relevant to theology and contemporary society. The songs are written and composed within the seminary itself.
4.  Christmas  eve:  This  is  one  of  the  important  events  of  the  seminary  that  is  led  by  Abraham  Malpan  society  along  with  the  musical committee. Each year a drama will be staged based on Christmas related theme. Through the drama the audience is challenged to take up  social  actions.  The  songs  sung  in  this  programme  are  written  and  tuned  by  the  members  of  the  Seminary  family.  These  songsportray the relevance of Christmas in the contemporary society.

All  the  activities  help  in  the  formation  of  sound  theological  formation  and  holistic  development  of  seminary  community.  It  also develops a sense of responsibility towards the society among the students.

Seminary Choir

The  choir  aims  to  lead  the  congregation  in  making  a  joyful  noise  to  the  Lord,  as  a  community.  The  choir  consists  of  twenty  singers, among which some enhance its music by their abilities with musical instruments. The Joy of praising God through music is celebrated by the seminary choir especially at the worship services and the programmes like Music Night, the Christmas Carol Service, etc.

Music Night

Held  in  collaboration  with  seminary's  Abraham  Malpan  Society  this  programme  is  one  of  the  favourites  on  campus  with  special performances  led  by  the  seminary  choir,  M.Th/D.Th  students,  students  from  the  North­East  of  India,  the  faculty  and  their  family, Seminary's kids, each of the BD classes, and the unforgettable performance by the jovial "Non­accepted Singers Association" (NASA)! What  makes  this  programme  delightful  is  that  nearly  all  the  songs  sung  at  the  programme  are  written  and  composed  by  the  various groups themselves. It is a tremendous opportunity for students to explore their creative musical talents and use it for the glory of God.

Christmas Carols

The  Christmas  Carol  Service  at  the  seminary  has  three  core  elements:  the  Carol  Singing,  the  Christmas  message  and  the  Christmas Drama.  The  choir  holds  the  responsibility  of  ensuring  that  the  singing  is  a  meaningful,  melodious  and  transformational  experience. Here too, the songs are written and composed by the students themselves, making it refreshingly new and different.

Georgie Anil Musical Fest

Churches near and far are invited to the seminary to celebrate the joy of singing at this event, held in the loving memory of Late Mr. Georgie Anil, a former student of MTTS, an avid music lover. The event is scheduled to be held in January.

Cultural Programmes

The  Seminary's  informal  cultural  programmes  are  organized  by  the  Cultural  Programmes  Committee,  chaired  by  the  Hostel  Warden and an elected student from the BD Final Year batch.

Cultural  programmes  of  this  nature  are  usually  held  twice  a  year,  that  is,  once  a  semester.  These  events  present  a  platform  for  the students  to  exhibit  their  varied  talents  such  as  mono­act,  mimicry,  dance,  singing,  etc.  Class  wise  presentations  are  also  conducted. These  programmes  are  not  limited  to  the  BD  Students  but  involve  the  whole  of  the  seminary  community  including  M.Th  and  D.Th students, faculty members and their families.

These programmes are thoroughly enjoyed by one and all and provide the entire community with an opportunity to break free from the day­to­day routines of seminary life and provide lasting memories that will be cherished by all.