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Sports and Games

Department of Sports and Games

The seminary community, devoted primarily to academic pursuits, places a high premium on sports and leisure activities, and the sports and  games  department  takes  the  lead  in  organizing  various  sporting  events  for  the  community  members  throughout  the  year. Irrespective  of  age  and  responsibilities  everyone  in  the  seminary  participates  in  these  activities,  which  is  but  necessary  for  the  overall and  continuing  development  of  a  person.  Sporting  events  are  always  memorable  and  worthwhile  and  shape  the  students  into  more mature and able ministers to work for God's glory.

The  activities,  briefly,  can  be  summed  up  as  consisting  of  sporting  events,  volleyball,  cricket,  table  tennis,  badminton,  etc.  where  the residents engage on a regular basis.

Onam Sports

Onam,  the  festival  eagerly  awaited  by  each  and  every  Malayalee,  is  also  a  time  deeply  relished  by  the  Seminary  community  for  the varied  games  arranged  during  this  time  which  includes  games  such  as  Kilithattu,  bread  bite,  balloon  toss,  egg  toss,  baptismal  throw, bombing the city, brick walking etc. Matches of traditional team sports such as volleyball and cricket are also held. The main event is the  tug  of  war  which  takes  place  among  different  groups.  All  the  residents  of  our  campus  are  divided  into  four  distinctively  and creatively named teams which compete together in various sports and game exhibitions.

Rev. Dr. V. P. Thomas Memorial Volley ball Tournament

The  Rev.  Dr.  V.  P.  Thomas  Memorial  Volley  ball  Tournament  is  held  annually  at  our  Seminary  in  honour  of  our  former  Principal, Rev. Dr. V. P. Thomas, who himself was an avid sportsman. The tournament is usually held in December.

The Seminary has a volley ball team which trains throughout the year and all are encouraged to participate in it. This team competes annually  in  the  tournament  with  distinguished  theological  institutions'  teams  such  as  Orthodox  Theological  Seminary  (Kottayam), Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary (Mulumthuruthy), Kerala United Theological Seminary (Thiruvananthapuram) and Episcopal Jubilee Institute (Tiruvalla).

Annual Sports Meet

The annual sports meet is a weeklong event which is held towards the end of January and which tries to accommodate each member of the Seminary community through the sporting activities of various skill levels. Competing as four teams, the seminary community takes part in various team sports as well as several track and field events.

Maintaining  health  is  crucial  for  a  successful  and  fulfilling  time  of  ministry,  and  towards  this  end,  the  seminary  community  takes conscious efforts to be part of the various sporting events and thereby to invest in a healthy lifestyle for the coming days to fulfil the divine calling in the most appropriate manner.