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Abraham Malpan Memorial Chapel

Chapel is the central formative space of the Seminary.  It is dedicated in honor of the reformation leader of the Church, Abraham Malpan.  It molds the spiritual and community life of the  the students.  Meditations here nurture the students in their faith experiences.  Liturgical services help them to grow in worship oriented lives.   Chapel life also help them to widen their understanding in liturgical theology.  On the whole, Chapel life equip them better for the ministry of the Kingdom of God.  

In the mornings, personal meditation starts at 6.45 A.M.  It is followed by worship in English. Personal meditation on Wednesday mornings starts at 630 A.M.  Holy Qurbana is celebrated on every Wednesday mornings.  On Sundays, Holy Qurbana is celebrated at 7.30 A.M.  Faculty members, FFRRC student achens and other invitees lead the Holy Qurbana services.  Tuesday evening devotions are conducted by the achen who celebrates the next days Holy Qurbana.  In the evenings, personal meditation starts at 6.30 P.M.  It is followed by evening worship in Malayalam.  On Tuesdays and Fridays, the official evening worship order of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church is used.  On other weekdays, students who lead the worship prepares the worship order for that day.  On Thurday mornings FFRRC students lead the worship service.  Thus, chapel provide space for meditative, liturgical and pedegogical experience.