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About Us

The  Mar  Thoma  Syrian  Theological  Seminary  aims  at  training  candidates for  the  ordained  ministry  in  the  context  of  the  changing  ecclesial,  social, religious  and  political  conditions.  The  Seminary  also  aims  at  providing continuing  education  to  the  clergy.  It  also  offers  training  in  specialized ministries  both  for  clergy  and  for  laity.  The  training  of  laity  has  special importance  in  view  of  the  fact  that  historically  laity  exercises  strong leadership in the church. This has been so ever since the beginning of the reform movement in the church. In and through these training programmes  the  Seminary  aims  at  achieving  excellence  in  the  ministry  offered  by  the  clergy  of  the  church  and  the  laity,  including women, so that they can face up to the ministerial challenges offered by the 21st century.


The Seminary and its properties, moveable and immoveable, are owned and governed by the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

The purpose of the Seminary shall be:

  • To  impart  biblical,  theological,  liturgical  and  pastoral  training,  ordinarily  to  candidates  for  the  Ministry  in  the  Mar  Thoma Syrian Church and to candidates from Churches in communion with her.
  • To provide special training to candidates deputed by the Episcopal Synod as provided in the Church's Constitution – Chapter IV, Clause 38.
  • To provide special courses of study and training to clergy and laity, and to grant certificates and diplomas to those who complete such courses.
  • To conduct refresher courses, seminars and special lectures in religious, social and theological subjects for the ordinands, clergy and laity.
  • To undertake projects for the promotion of research in theological, ecumenical and allied subjects.
  • To publish journals, periodicals and books relating to theological and religious subjects.


The Seminary is affiliated to the Serampore University. The affiliation will continue until otherwise decided by the Mar Thoma Sabha Pradhinidhi Mandalam.