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ĕmûnâ – Faith and Witness in the Context of Pandemic

Main Topics Covered

  • History of Pandemics
  • Bible a Resource of Faith
  • God in the Age of Pandemic
  • Psychological Distresses of Pandemic
  • Missiological/Ecclesiological Responses to pandemic
  • Worship Liturgy and Rituals in the age of Pandemic


  • To Facilitate a collective search for a meaningful life amidst Pandemic.
  • To use Bible as a resource to discern the existential questions and struggles.
  • To adapt meaningfully to the crises in life.
  • To explore the possibilities of new forms of koinonia to tide over the crises.
  • To have a critical analysis of the pandemic and its impacts on creation.
  • To understand a spirituality of grief, lament, and hope.

Course Coordinators:

  • Rev. Dr. Mothy Varkey, Ph.+91 9495542577
  • Rev. V. M. Mathew, Ph. +91 9891872402

Email- marthomaseminary@gmail.com